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Several skin conditions only develop in pregnant women. The following list provides more detail:

PUPPP (Pruritic Uticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy)
Usually occurring in the third trimester, PUPPP produces itchy red bumps or a hive-like rash on the mother’s belly, which may spread to the arms, legs, breasts or buttocks. Although PUPPP is harmless, the itching associated with this condition can become severe.  Your physician will advise you on safe topical ointments or antihistamines. In more serious cases, oral steroids are used to ease the itchiness.

Prurigo of Pregnancy (Papular Eruptions of Pregnancy)
Resembling a group of bug bites, prurigo is a rare condition that can appear anywhere on the body. Prurigo usually develops in the third trimester and causes no harm to the mother or the fetus. Your doctor may prescribe topical ointments, antihistamines or steroids to control the itch and treat the rash.

Pemphigold Gestationis (Herpes Gestationis)
Thought to be an autoimmune disease, pemphigoid gestationis causes itchy patches of skin that turn into larger blistering areas. Usually, pemphigoid gestationis starts on the abdomen and moves to the arms. Women tend to develop pemphigoid gestationis in the second and third trimesters. Because pemphigoid gestationis can create an increased risk for pre-term delivery as well fetal health issues, contact your OB right away if you develop symptoms of this condition.

Intrahepatic Cholestasis
Caused by the liver’s inability to effectively process bile, intrahepatic cholestasis occurs when bile backs up and spills into the bloodstream. The bile then deposits into the skin, causing intense itching that generally starts on the palms and the soles of your feet. As it progresses, the rash spreads across the whole body. Risk factors for this condition include a multiple child pregnancy, previous liver conditions or a history of intrahepatic cholestasis. Your doctor will utilize topicals to control the itch and medications such as ursodeoxycholic to combat the level of bile acid in your bloodstream

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