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Renova is often referred to as tretinion, (a derivative of vitamin A) that is applied to the skin as a topical cream to help rejuvenate it. The Renova brand of tretinion is a prescribed medication that helps reduce many signs of aging. In many studies, Renova has shown to help decrease small wrinkles, reduce brown spots and improve skin that is rough. Results of smoother, softer skin can be seen within in just 4-6 weeks with Renova treatment. Wrinkles and spots will soon begin to disappear. Additional signs and benefits will become more noticeable the longer the Renova treatment is used.

How does Renova work?

Researchers believe that the active ingredient tretinion works at a cellular level to reduce many signs of aging. Tretinoin, being a form of Vitamin A, increases the production of collagen and decreases the breakdown of collagen to improve the skin.

When the skin is damaged by the sun, the dermis shrinks and the outer most layer begins to wrinkle. Renova smoothes over the small lines that have formed in the dermis. This medication is not just a simple cover-up for the skin, but actually makes skin smoother and supple with less wrinkles.

Benefits of Renova include:

1. Reduces brown spots
2. Decreases wrinkles produced by the sun and natural aging
3. Makes skin soft and supple
4. Improves stretch marks, especially in abdomen

How Renova Should Be Used

Before using Renova, you should wash your face with mild soap and water and wait 20 minutes before applying the cream to the skin. Be careful to avoid the ears, eyes, nose, lips or any irritated areas or open sores on the skin. Renova is to be applied to the skin once a day, typically at bedtime. Squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip and apply to the skin. You may use a moisturizer on the skin after the Renova treatment, but for the best results, waist at least one hour before you applying.

Since Renova must be prescribed by a doctor, Renova may be recommended to be used differently for each individual. The routine will likely include a cleanser and a moisturizer, but with all regimens, Renova should be included as a part of the total skin care program.

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