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Permanent Makeup, also known as Micropigmentation, is a form of cosmetic tattooing used for enhancing facial and body features. Tiny beads pigment are custom blended and injected into the dermal layer of the skin through the use of a tattoo needle. Micropigment ation is a permanent solution over the enhancements that cosmetics provide. This is a specialized practice requiring an astute eye for color, dexterity, fine eye/hand motor skills, and master of makeup artistry.

Micropigmentation can also be used to camouflage scars by restoring the natural skin coloring. Known as “medical micropigmentation”, it is used to remedy skin discolorations due to injury, medical surgery, aging or disease. The discoloration is camouflaged to match the patient’s natural skin tone color, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

How long will the procedure take?

Generally the procedure takes between one to two hours, depending on the area being treated. Most patients require a touch up session or follow-up four to six weeks later.

Is the procedure uncomfortable?

Discomfort is minimal. The doctor or technician will apply topical anesthetics to numb the area and minimize any discomfort.

What can the patient expect after the procedure?

There may be some minor swelling and redness after the procedure, which usually subsides within 48 hours. Initially appearing darker and brighter than intended, the micropigmentation will fade and blend to a more natural appearance as it heals.

How long will the micropigmentation last?

Permanent Make-Up can last for several years, depending on skin type exposure to UV sunlight. Over time the color may lighten as the body naturally breaks down and absorbs the pigment. The patient may need to have color refreshed every couple of years.

Benefits of Micropigmentation:

* Hides scars from surgery or trauma
* Saves time usually spent on applying makeup
* Saves money from cosmetic purchases
* Relief for people who have difficulty applying make-up (unsteady hand or poor eyesight)
* Does not smear or smudge like cosmetics
* Artistically and permanently change the shape and shade of lips or eyebrows
* Camouflage hair loss, skin tint, or fair eyebrows and eyelashes

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