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Carly Cattinari

Carly Cattinari Esthetician Skin Care Specialist

Carly Cattinari

Carly Cattinari

Esthetician | Skin Care Specialist

The purpose of a skin peel is to remove the outer layers of damaged skin and stimulate cells to produce new collagen. The process rejuvenates sun damaged and environmentally aged skin. Depending upon the type of skin peel that is used it is often necessary to have several skin peels to maximize improvement. Microdermabrasion and skin peels improve texture, reduce pore size and wrinkles as well as remove brown spots caused by the sun. These techniques give the skin an overall glowing and youthful appearance. Carly uses the DiamondTome resurfacing method which exfoliates the skin with diamond chips, while at the same time this process vacuums the dead skin cells away. This leaves the skin with a smoother, more radiant texture and promotes the growth of healthy new cells.

Carly’s repertoire of services include: Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Facial Waxing, Salicylic and Glycolic Peels.

To schedule and appointment with Carly Cattinari please call: 941-493-7400

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